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Never stopped fighting. For the biggest fight of your life, you want the best team in your corner. Owned by nurses who work side by side with patients. We make sure that every products we have are crafted thoughtfully for our patients to make their treatments easier and comfortable. 

Caring never quits. Neither do we.

Arm Access

Men and Women Collections

Zippers are strategically placed where the av fistula, graft and picc lines are being placed. Thick, soft fabric to keep you warm and have a comfortable treatment. Either opening can be used for access and the other is for BP monitoring.

For Arm & Chest access

Faith Collections

Faith is the strength that carries us through sickness and hard times, illuminating the path with hope and resilience.

Keep the Faith.

For Chest Access

Men and Women Collections

For hemodialysis catheters, ports for chemo and infusion treatments in the chest. Provides an easy access for treatments and dressing change. Zippers are strategically located where the access are being placed. Warm, soft, stylish and comfortable adaptive clothing.

Peritoneal Dialysis

PD Holders and Belts

Compatible with Baxter PD transfer set and also the other smaller type of PD transfer set. Easy and convenient way to secure your PD transfer set. Please send us a message if you need to know which PD Holder is the right one for you.

Water Proof Dressing

Shower cover

Dialysis catheters, chemo ports, or any central lines are very important to our patients, to be able to continue treatment. Protect it from getting wet when showering with our water proof transparent dressing, strong adhesive on the sides and nonadhesive in the middle to keep your access clean and less painful when removing after shower.

Sterile Dressing

For dialysis catheters exit site

Hemodialysis catheters in the chest, peritoneal dialysis exit site, chemo ports, picc lines or any central lines are very important to our patients, to be able to continue treatment. Cover it with MandMcares sterile dressing. Good adhesive at the sides to keep your dressing intact and non-adhesive in the middle to keep your access clean and less painful when pulling off.


Body. Mind. Life.

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Products with a purpose

Crafted thoughtfully to help anyone with physical condition to dress in comfort and convenience during their treatments while feeling good in their own clothes. Highly functional clothing customized to make treatments easier.

From our community

Love it!

Susan on Nov 01, 2023

My 86 yr old father is always cold at dialysis. He loves the hooded sweatshirt. He said he was warm and did not need his blanket. We will definitely get him another color. There was plenty of room to access his graft in his upper arm.

Worth it!!

Charles DePrisco on Sep 19, 2023

To say I'm pleased with my over sized hoodoe, would be an understatement! Comfortable, soft material, and heavy duty zippers! Certainly glad I found this company, & look forward to ordering more items from y'all!! Thanks again M & M cares!!


Christine Olinsky on Oct 25, 2023

Excellent hoodie. Very heavy. Well made. Very roomy.

Great Find

Timothy Corum on Mar 07, 2023

Love the transfer set holder wish I could have got them years ago.

A blessed gift for a friend. 

Rashida Young on Feb 09, 2022

I purchased two of the easy access sweaters for a friend on Dialysis. She's happy for and with them so I'm happy also!

Bringing Ease and Comfort to Every Treatments