Arm Access Oversized Hoodies for Men and Women

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Designed for our Dialysis Warriors, hemodialysis, dialysis clothing, chemotherapy, chemo and infusion therapy with port access.

Oversized Hoodie helps improve dialysis sessions by offering WARMTH, PRIVACY, COMFORT and STYLE while providing easy access to AV fistula/graft , even if it is in lower , mid and upper arm. Either arm can use for access and the other is for bp monitoring.

100% NATURAL THICK COTTON fabric, that is soft, flexible and hypoallergenic.

Smooth zippers with specially placed lining that ensure there is no contact between the zips and the skin. Can also be used by a patient with a PICC line.

Size Guide:

 Inches             Small          Medium       Large

Inches Small Medium Large XLarge  XXLarge
Length 30.3 31.1 31.9 32.67 33.5
Chest 24.8 25.6 26.4 27.2 28
Shoulder 24.4 25.2 26 26.8 27.6
Sleeve Length 22.4 22.8 23.2 23.6 24
Cuff 7.1 7.5 7.9 8.3 8.7


Size: Small
Color: Navy Blue