Velcro Type - Peritoneal Dialysis Belt

Sale price$13.50

Size Chart

Small for waist between 28" - 42" inch

Medium for waist between 30" - 46" inch

Large for waist between 35" - 58" inch

Keep PD transfer set in placed. It provides the end of the transfer set to hold in placed.

Unlike the other PD belt. The end part of big ring is closed/sewn to prevent it from falling off in the other end that could potentially tug the PD transfer set.

Adjustable and lightweight. Non-slip that is hardly noticeable when worn under clothing.

Comfortable for daily use. Lightweight 

Eliminates the use of excessive adhesive tapes that can potentially cause infection.

Breathable and comfortable material. When you stretch this belt, it will form a small holes to let your skin breath and has 3 belt loops to accommodate whatever length your transfer set.

Size: Small
Color: Black