Shower Water Proof Dressing for Hemodialysis Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter, Central Lines Shower Cover

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Your Catheter and Lines are your life line. Protect your lines!

Exclusive Shower Shield: For dialysis patients. Non-Adhesive middle part ensures no sticking to the catheter when remove after shower. Only the edges are adhesive, providing optimal protection. Stay worry free and keep your catheter or central lines dry if applied properly.

Water -resistant adhesive ensures the dressing in place even when exposed to water during showering providing a secure seal to prevent water from entering the insertion site and causing infection.

Using waterproof dressing and adhering to proper showering techniques help mitigate infection risks, preserve catheter integrity and promote comfort.

Please consult your doctor if showering is safe for you and your catheter or central lines.

Size: 9 X 9 Inches
Quantity : Quantity 7 Pieces