Arm Cover for AV Fistula and AV Graft | Arm Warmers Fingerless Gloves Thumb Hole

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If your AV Fistula or AV Graft makes you feel self conscious then you have found the right product.

Serves as  arm warmers and also perfect access covers for the fistula or graft on your lower arm.

Can use in various occasions such as jogging, cycling, hiking and more indoor and outdoor activities in cold weather.

Made of soft and stretchable material that will not cause constriction to your arm.

One size fits most.

You get pair for left and right arm.

Made of 100% Acrylic

If you believe the arm sleeves are constricting to your AV fistula/graft or feels tight around your arm, please remove immediately and refrain from using again.  The same apply for patients with PICC line.


Color: White