Full Arm Sleeve for Hemodialysis- AV Fistula , AV Graft , PICC Line. With NO BP. NO BLOOD DRAWS. NO NEEDLES PRINT.

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Full Arm Sleeve/Bands for Hemodialysis AV Fistula , AV Graft and for someone who has a PICC Line or had Mastectomy.


✅To remind the health care team that such procedure is not permitted on that dialysis access arm, that can cause harm or stop the access from working.

With Anti-Slip to make sure it will stay in place .

✅Sometimes you are not comfortable showing your AV Fistula and accompanying scars and big bumps or aneurysm. In this case, the dialysis sleeves covers most of AV fistula and visible scars completely to allow patients added comfort by limiting feelings of self-consciousness. The same apply for patients with long term PICC Line. 

Our dialysis arm sleeves are made of stretchable materials that do not cause any restriction.

Anti-UV protects against sun rays. Eco-friendly.

Made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. Fabric type Lycra .


Small arm circumference 10" , Length 15"

Medium arm circumference 11.5" , Length 16"

Large arm circumference 12" , Length 17"

X Large arm circumference 12" , Length 18"

XX Large arm circumference 13" , Length 19"

Please Note:

Runs small. Please measure your arm circumference to have the correct size. If you believe the arm sleeves is constricting to your arm or ever feels tight around your arm, please remove immediately and refrain from using again. Obtain a bigger size if necessary. 

Care Instructions: 

Hand wash only, line dry, do not iron on embellishments.


Size: Small
Color: Blue