Statement Face Mask 3 Layer Plus 5 PM2.5 Filter. Proud Owner of 2 Useless Kidneys #Determination.

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 Fashionably Comfortable Statement Face Mask for Dialysis Warriors.

NEW 3 Layer FACE MASK, Show Your Style with this new statement face mask. Protect our respiratory from Dust, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution, Ash and Pollen. Premium Quality Fabric Mask.

Creative Design. This mask is customized with built-in inner pocket to insert a disposable filter PM2.5 inside to protect yourself more effectively. The disposable filter PM2.5 can also be an ANTI-ViRUS. 

Lining has double opening layers to easily insert PM2.5 Filter for added protection against airborne particles such as dust, allergens, smoke, pollution, ash, poles and so on.

✅ With adjustable earloopes.

✅Equipped with Reversible Nasal Bridge wire. The top of the mask is bonded with  reversible bendable nasal bridge wire, that lets you personalize the fit of your mask (though never restricting your breathing) to prevent it from moving  around on your face and prevents hot air from escaping around your nose which is a huge factor in uncomfortable glasses fog.

Super high quality Air layer shell fabric and super soft quick-dry mesh lining fabric  ergonomic 3D streamlined design gives you a breathable and comfortable feel. Comes with adjustable elastic ear loops for a snug fit every time.

Washable, Reusable Face Mask.With proper care, they'll last you a long time!  Mask for Men and women.

Shell Fabric Material: About 220gsm 100% polyester Air layer fabric

Lining Fabric Material: About 140gsm 100% polyester quick-dry mesh cloth.

Care Instructions: The mask is for non-medical use. It is recommended to be hand-washed before wearing. Do not scrub the metal nose clip during cleaning. Do not wear the mask when exercising or during activities that require physical exertion. Take caution if with any prior nasal surgery or consult your physician before use.

Designed in USA



Color: Black